R code Pharmaceutical TFS route now live


Greenway Environmental have partnered with their sister company, Novum Waste Recycling, and their long-term contracts with offtake partners in Europe, to open up a new, R coded transfrontier shipment (TFS) route for pharmaceutical wastes through their site in Bootle. 

As part of the pharmaceutical TFS service, Greenway Environmental offer a fully approved packing and shipping procedure agreed with the EA and maritime authorities to give you peace of mind that your materials are handled safely and with full compliance. Novum's international network of recovery partners allows them to offer a wide range of R code services and solutions that maximise the recovery, recycling, and reuse of your materials, keeping them within the circular economy. Their long-term partnerships with waste recovery partners means they can offer a consistent service with no shutdown periods and stable pricing throughout the year.

The offtake partner in mainland Europe for pharmaceutical waste produces district energy for the local community with different types of waste that would otherwise have been lost. In their combined heat and power plants, they produce both district heating and electricity at the same time, which means that the fuel is used to its maximum recovery potential.

Greenway Environmental and Novum Waste Recycling have capacity for all your pharmaceutical needs. Waste can be packed in drums, IBC’s or Greenway GreenBins. European Waste Catalogue (EWC) codes accepted under this service include: 

  • 07 05 13 - solid wastes containing hazardous substances
  • 15 01 10 - packaging containing residues of or contaminated by hazardous substances
  • 16 03 05 - organic wastes containing hazardous substances
  • 18 01 06 - chemicals consisting of or containing hazardous substances
  • 18 02 05 - chemicals consisting of or containing hazardous substances

For more information regarding our new pharmaceutical TFS route, contact Greenway’s professional sales team: info@greenwayenvironmental.co.uk

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