GRG – The Full Story

Forming GRG

GRG was formed by founding directors Alan Crowe and Michael Grime back in 2015.

Prior to this Alan had been Managing Director of one of the largest scrap metal recyclers in the UK and Europe, Mayer Parry, twice winning the Queen’s Award for Export Achievement. Alan moved to Guernsey and acquired Guernsey Recycling (1996) following the merger between Mayer Parry and European Metal Recycling (EMR). The company initially operated in scrap metal recycling, before acquiring Mayside Recycling in 2008 and entering the dry recyclable waste market.

In 2015, GRG was formed with new management (Michael Grime as Managing Director and Alan Crowe as Chairman) and new shareholders joining the company. The strategy was to develop the business in niche geographical markets and waste streams, with sustainable management at the heart of all we do.

Entering the UK Market

GRG's first acquisition was Island Waste, a commercial and demolition waste company based on Guernsey. From here the group continued to grow across the jurisdictions of Guernsey, Jersey and the Cayman Islands, before entering the UK hazardous waste market in 2018 with the acquisition of BKP Waste & Recycling.

GRG acquired Greenway Environmental in 2019 and Chloros Environmental in 2020.

In 2021, Novum Waste Recycling was formed to allow the group to offer unique recycling and recovery brokering services for all forms of specialist and problematic wastes.

All operating companies in the UK are owned by GRG Waste UK, a subsidiary of the parent company GRG. GRG has become a UK market leader for hazardous and specialist waste, providing solutions across the UK.

GRG Today

Today, the GRG group operates in four jurisdictions, employs over 200 people, and provides infrastructure and services for all forms of solid, hazardous, liquid, and inert waste in large and small economies, be they from public or commercial sources, with the aim of diverting waste from landfill and maximising the sustainability credentials of all waste streams it receives. GRG Waste UK companies utilise innovative recovery solutions to maximise the number of components kept within the circular economy and the Best Available Techniques to ensure full compliance.

GRG will continue invest in recycling and recovery processes to constantly improve environmental credentials, and laboratory testing resources to ensure we remain market-leaders in safety and compliance.

Alan Crowe, Founder and Chairman of GRG, sadly passed away on 15th March 2022. Alan had been the President of the European Federation of Recycling (EFR) and Vice President of the Bureau International od Recycling (BIR). His spirit will remain a guiding force for the group as it continues its future development.

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